Essential Oils for Healthy Living

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The BEST and most cost-effective way to start is by Purchasing the PREMIUM Starter Kit!

Here’s WHY:

  • The kit includes 11 essential oils, a diffuser of your choice,  a roller fitment, sample bottles, NINGXIA Red, oil samples and MORE!
  • BONUS! Our team “Perfectly Oily” team will personally send you Resources to help you get started,  give you access to our Team Resource page and SUPPORT you by answering any questions that you may have!! It is important for you to know how to use your oils when they arrive!
  • The retail cost of this kit is $300 +, but since Young Living wants new members to get the FULL experience, they offer you this at a discounted price! (see graphic below)
  • This kit makes you a WHOLESALE member! You will receive 24 % off future purchases with reduced shipping. There is NO obligation to sell or to order regularly. Just enjoy your products at a lower price!

1.Ask the person who introduced you to oils for their link!

2. Choose the Premium Starter Kit

3. Choose whether to earn more savings with the optional Essential Rewards! Sign up and we will send you a FREE Chemical Free Home book!

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5. Select a username, password and a 4-digit PIN (write these down)

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8. Choose shipping method and enter payment information

9. Review cart and be sure to ACTIVATE AND PLACE ORDER

250xNxyoung-living-premium-starter-kit-with-dew-drop-diffuser_jpg_pagespeed_ic_db9Ae0jsXSPerfectly Oily LogoOption # 2

Although the biggest bang for your buck is Option #1, You do have the ability to sign up as a RETAIL Customer too. This means that you WILL NOT be a wholesale member and you will pay FULL Retail Cost.


Beginner’s Guide to Detoxing your Home!

If you are reading this post, chances are you are interested in removing those toxic chemicals from your house. Everyone reading this should begin with reading your LABELS. The following are ingredients that you want to watch out for:
Parabens-This is a preservative in many cosmetics, shampoos and fragrances.

(I tossed my perfume 2 years ago!)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-This is a heavy degreaser and found in many personal care products that foam.

Triclosan-Synthetic Antibacterial Agent found in many soaps and cosmetics

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) -This is a degreaser in many personal care products and household cleaners as well as baby care products and sunscreen.

These are just a few ingredients to look for and the list goes on and on…

Did you know?

**Since the 1950s over 72,000 synthetic chemicals have entered our food supply and homes, and the vast majority of them have never been tested for human safety. ):

**The EPA reported that indoor air can be up to 70 Times MORE toxic than outdoor air. These chemicals are more likely to cause cancer than synthetic chemicals found outdoors.

How can we remove these chemicals, save money and make our families healthier?

It’s NOT as hard as it may seem!!

#1 Invest in the Essential Oils- These are the most trusted and our favorite! Be sure to check out our SEED to Seal Tab at the top of our blog!

250xNxyoung-living-premium-starter-kit-with-dew-drop-diffuser_jpg_pagespeed_ic_db9Ae0jsXS Perfectly Oily Logo.png

If you join our Perfectly Oily Team, you will receive the following FREE:

  • Reference Guide to help you get started on your oil journey!
  • Oil Labels
  • Access to Perfectly Oily group where we will answer any questions that you may have!

#2 Clear out those household cabinets and get rid of all of those Harsh Cleaners! Here is my favorite!



My favorite dishwasher tabs can be found here: