A Day in the Life of an Oily Mom

From the beginning of our day up until evening, this is how my family uses Young Living products to support our health!

Depending on what life brings, our oils/supplements can vary from day to day but this list is the most consistent.

This schedule is our summer schedule! Have I told you how much we love summer?? It is a great feeling to not know what day it is or the time !!

Our 4 year old FINALLY wakes up between 7:30am-8:00am. This is a MAJOR improvement from the previous 4 years!

8:00am  My first stop after getting breakfast for our little one…. is to turn on the diffuser in the bathroom with my Peppermint. The last few days, I have been adding a couple of drops of lemon to the mix too and it is sooooo refreshing!!


8:05am Skin brush! Have you read about the MANY benefits of skin brushing??? It does amazing things for your Lymphatic System!


8:10am Shower! I add either a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiata or Peppermint to my favorite shampoo. If you haven’t tried this yet, it is soooo REFRESHING! Be sure to avoid getting it into your eyes!

I also wash my face with my homemade oil cleanser…recipe here:


Then, I use my YL Satin Facial Scrub!


8:30am Thieves Toothpaste! I often add a drop of YL’s Peppermint or Spearmint Essential oil on top of my toothpaste for a burst of freshness! Do you know the harmful effects of your toothpaste?


My lotion right now: YL’s V6 oil with a few drops of Grapefruit oil or Lemongrass. The smell is AMAZING!!

During the school year, before Collyns leaves for school, I have my husband rub Thieves oil on the bottom of her feet to boost her immunity! Thieves is a “Hot” oil but she has been oily for so long, it doesn’t bother her on her feet! If she is fighting something, I use a carrier oil and put in up and down her spine.

9:00am When we haven’t ran out of Ningxia, Collyns and I will grab a pouch out of the fridge. She loves it and it gives you that natural boost to begin your day.


9:30am Before my morning walk, I like to apply Peppermint oil to my forehead and White Angelica to my neck and wrists. (Yes…..during the summer I take my first shower before I workout (:

10:15am Right before swim practice, I diffuse either Lemon or Purification. It makes your house smell Fresh and Clean even when it is not. (:

12:00pm Stressed? I apply Stress Away to my wrist or diffuse it in my car when I look at my to-do lists and realize that I need to STOP and take a breath. It is ok if it ALL doesn’t get finished today!

Throughout the day, I also switch up my Citrus oils and put a few drops in my water. My favorites are lemon, lime or grapefruit. Remember to always drink these in a glass cup!

Any errands that we go on or adventures that we take, I ALWAYS have my Thieves handspray. I love the smell and it is my go-to for getting rid of those YUCKY germs! Have I mentioned how wonderful it makes your car smell too (: Especially after you have carpooled volleyball players!


All of this brings me to my ALL time favorite cleaner…Thieves! I have a bottle of this cleaner under each cabinet in my house and guess what????? It is not only NON-TOXIC….it smells great and has saved me money by replacing ALL of my other household cleaners! You can even add a  cap full along with white vinegar to your dishwasher and it does a wonderful job!

Want to freshen up your towels? Add a cap full of cleaner to your washing machine! Don’t forget to use your wool balls to replace those TOXIC dryer sheets!

8:15pm Bath…I’ll admit during the summer months….bedtime gets later and later! Our little one’s bath includes a cup of Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender. It not only supports skin health…..she finds it very calming! I also diffuse lavender in her bedroom before she goes to bed. If I forget to do this part, she turns it on herself! No reason to keep the diffuser going…..the molecules will fill up her bedroom quickly…..


9:00pm Those of you that know me …know that I LOVE my sleep! Time to take another shower and I apply my Frankincense serum again before bed and valor with V6 on my feet!

It is important to note that my oils change almost everyday! Use your reference guide that your enroller gave to you when you signed up and find out what works best for you and your family!

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Perfectly Oily

For the Love of Thieves

One oil I could not live without is definitely Thieves.  When I started my oily journey this was the first oil I used and then I was hooked.

I quickly learned that Young Living is not only about essential oils but they also have other fabulous products.

I introduce to you one of my favorites…


This product needs to be at the top of your wish list.  So lets throw out the junk and think natural.

As a bonus add two drops of orange oil for extra whitening and great taste.



imageHere are some of my favorite roller blends! After mixing the oils top them off with your favorite carrier oil. My favs are V6 and coconut oil. It’s important to use tinted, glass bottles to protect the content. Have fun mixing!


10 drops lavender

10 drops lemon

5 drops peppermint


10 drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

10 drops copiaba


15 lavender

15 frankincense


10 lavender

10 cedarwood

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