Let’s Break it Down

starter-kitWho doesn’t love to save money?  This is a great reminder of how much money you can save by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit.  Let’s break it down:

Lavender- $15.46
Peppermint Vitality- $13.16
Lemon Vitality- $8.22
Copiaba Vitality-$28.29
Frankincense- $39.14
Thieves Vitality- $19.08
Purification- $8.22
DiGize Vitality- $18.09
PanAway- $46.38
Stress Away- $15.66
Samples/Extra Wellness Goodies- $32.93
Home Diffuser- $83.88
Retail Cost- $342.00

Premium Starter Kit= $160.00

Ready to buy a kit! Contact the person who introduced you to oils and begin your oily journey today!

Living Well in Him,

Ditch the Dryer Sheets!!

Have you heard of Wool Dryer Balls?

I use mine as a replacement for those Toxic Dryer Sheets. Did you know they are filled with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues?!

The wool dryer balls actually cut down on drying time and they last forever! I just add a few drops of essential oils to give my laundry a light scent. Thieves on our towels is my favorite!

Find some here:




Thieves Cleaner

Background on Thieves Essential Oil

In the Late Middle Ages, a legend emerged of four thieves who used a special concoction of aromatic herbs to support their health, including garlic, cloves and rosemary.


Thieves Oil and Thieves Spray

While you can diffuse Thieves oil or apply topically to BOOST Immunity, I always carry a small bottle in my car and my purse too!

Thieves oil is a super effective bacteria killer, and can also fight mold, candida, fungus and parasites. Here's an easy way to make your own Thieves spray.I use  Young Living Thieves Spray to:

  • Clean my steering wheel
  • Spray in Public Restrooms
  • Spray remotes down in hotel rooms
  • Restaurant Tables
  • Keyboard and Computer
  • Grocery Carts


How to Make  your own Thieves Spray:

Thieves Cleaner

This one product truly made the transfer to a chemical free home. Not only is the smell fantastic, it is a non-toxic way to clean for your family!

  • I clean my floors along with white vinegar
  • All bathtubs, sinks and toilets
  • Window Cleaner
  • Removes carpet stains
  • Add a capful to your washer to freshen towels
  • Clean interior of car
  • Cleans fruits and veggies

My list could go on and on!! Happy Cleaning!!!