April Showers Bring…

Spring Season is here, are you ready?  April showers can not only bring May flowers but also itchy bugs and respiratory needs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love when the weather begins to warm up and my family and I can spend late nights outside.  It also means summer vacation is almost here, which is always a win, win in my book.  Until then check out these springtime recipes!

Allergy bomb 2

Bug Spray

Flip Flop Feet

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Premium Starter Kit Challenge Day 9-11

Premium Starter Kit Challenge Day 9:
This oil is one I consider a hidden secret. Who doesn’t love little hidden jewels. It isn’t talked about much but definitely should be. It carries with it many benefits for your entire body! Check out this oil of the day…

*promotes overall wellness
*supports nearly every system in your body
*a great oil for your skin

How I use Copaiba:
*add a couple drops to my facial cleanser
*help minimize those tickles in my throat, I rub some copaiba on my chest and my babies chest
*I pair it with other oils to help drive in the wellness


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Premium Starter Kit Challenge Day 10:
Today’s oil… Digize

Let’s be honest if you have smelled this oil before it is probably not your favorite, at least it is not mine. Despite the unusual smell it is extremely effective. Unfortunately I was struck by the stomach bug last week and Digize came to my rescue. Here are some other benefits:

Premium Starter Kit Challenge Day 11:



Why use R.C. essential oil?!!!!! We use this one almost weekly!

**Be sure to check your Gentle Babies Guide for your little ones!!

This is a great one to choose for respiratory support. Supporting the lungs and sinuses naturally with essential oil encourages proper nasal function. R.C. is a unique combination that is soothing.  R.C. contains limonene which is a helper to defer free radicals. R.C. with its unique combination of essential oils is also supportive to the immune system!

Some of our favorite uses:

R.C. in the diffuser is especially uplifting and clears and freshens the air. Of course you are inhaling the oil when you are diffusing with your cool mist diffuser or inhaling directly from the bottle or your cupped hand over your nose. Either application goes to your lungs, again for respiratory support.

Applying R.C. topically is best applied with your favorite carrier oil, such as Young Living’s V-6 or coconut oil. I like to apply as a chest/back rub or to the bottoms of feet as desired.

What exactly makes up this blend:

  1. Cypress essential oil :Cypress is supportive to the immune system and circulatory system. It is an emotionally grounding oil.

2. Spruce essential oil  :offers immune and hormone support. Another emotionally balancing and grounding oil. Spruce was believed to have a frequency related to prosperity in ancient cultures

3. Eucalyptus globulus essential oil: contains the key constituent 1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol). Another immune supporting oil. Used historically in mouth rinses. It is supportive to the lungs and sinuses. Supportive to sore muscles on occasion, after a typical work out.

4. Eucalyptus radiata essential oil: also high in Eucalyptol constituent, so similar properties to globulus. Slightly gentler in my opinion.

5. Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil :used in days gone by as linen closet perfumery. Also respiratory and immune supporting.