Transfer Buying=Smarter Buying

What if I told you that my family doesn’t spend more on Young Living Products, We’ve just figured out how to Transfer our Buying. So…….What exactly does that mean???

I made a list of all of the things that I shop for at my favorite two stores and I gradually started buying the products from Young Living. Not only are the products better and healthier for my family, they are also shipped straight to my door!

Wait it gets better….. are you on essential Rewards? If you answered yes, than you earn points on things that you buy which you can cash in at a later date to get FREE product??!! Best Auto-shipping ever!! You pay less for shipping and earn points on most of your  necessities.

If you are like me and have transferred your buying, it can be a bit overwhelming when you look at ALL of the products that Young Living has to offer: oils, hygiene products, supplements, cleaning supplies and now make-up!!! I had to come up with a plan and why not use my new LOVE ……Google Docs!! If you are a teacher like me, you are or probably will be very familiar with this program.  I love making lists so I made a couple that will hopefully make your buying less stressful and more organized.

Don’t worry, the other products will be added into a list very shortly! This should help you get started!

We are now on a 4 month Rotation. Too many goodies to go around!

Young Living Oil Inventory – Sheet1

Transferred Buying- 4 Month Rotation – Sheet1





Toxic Free Tuesday

thieves laundry pic

Todays product is Thieves laundry detergent!  Boy am I glad this product is back in stock, since it is the only true toxic free laundry detergent that I have been able to find, unless of course you make your own!  I am super impressed with people who are able to accomplish this!  Here are some interesting facts for you if you are looking to become chemical free.  Stay away from products with these ingredients: fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, sodium lauryle sulfate (SLS), aluminum, DEA/TEA, Talc, Parabens (this is a big one found in almost all beauty products.  You can look up any of these ingredients and find many health risks. If you would like more information, my go to are always the Chemical Home Free books!  Let’s be chemical free for our families.  See you next Tuesday for Toxic Free Tuesday!

Living well in Him,