Back to School Ready

Back to school

Ready or not school is here! Along with all the new school supplies, teachers, backpacks and clothes also involves tons of germs.  Although we can not avoid germs all together we can take extra precautions this school season to help stay above the wellness line.  If you have been apart of our oily group for a while then you already know our obsession with thieves essential oil, thieves cleaner and household products.  So it will be no surprise that our go to, must have, for back to school wellness would be no other than thieves vitality essential oil.

Here are some ways to use this oil to help you along your wellness journey this school year:
-apply it to the bottom of your feet before heading out the door
-add some drops to a vegetable capsule and take internally
-add a drop your Ninxgia in the morning
-add a drop to your morning oatmeal for an extra boost and spice

Here’s to staying healthy this school year!

Living well in Him,



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